Global Learning Programme UK

Project Managers meet in Oxford for the final time.


Although it was a time for celebration it was also tinged with a sense of sadness as Project Managers from across the UK met for the final time.

The Global Learning Programme, funded by UK Government Department for International Development, has exceeded everyone’s expectations. The programme reaching over 10,000 schools and more than 55,000 teachers has increased awareness and understanding of social justice issues as well as the relevance of the Sustainable Development Goals at the local, national and international level.

The Global Learning Programme Scotland is an invaluable opportunity for schools and teaching professionals. This flexible and tailored programme provides staff with the skills and knowledge to successfully embed Global Citizenship across the curriculum.
Curriculum Development Officer, Aberdeen City Council.

To me [Development Education Centres] are the first port of call for educational support and guidance in Learning for Sustainability.
Georgea Hughes, Programme Development Lead, The Wood Foundation.

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