Children's Parliament report on education launched

The Children's Parliament has released a report, School Should Be a Joyful Place, drawing on eight years' of work and consultation with children, looking at what children want from education.

The report, which you can read in full here, makes the point that excellence and equity are good aims in theory, but stresses that it is important to try to understand what those concepts mean to children.

It also says that it is important to frame attainment as a human rights issue and to involve pupils more in decision-making about their education.

"Across many Children’s Parliament programmes children express a strong desire to be more involved in school life and feel they should have a chance to share their opinions about how and what they are learning in school. This means creating and sustaining opportunities that work with this in mind."

Views gathered from children have also been given as a formal submission to the Scottish Government for its current Governance Review.