Spotlight on World Peace Prayer Society

The home of the European Centre of The World Peace Prayer Society is at Allanton World Peace Sanctuary, based near Dumfries in southern Scotland.

The Society was started in Japan, just after the Second World War, by poet, philosopher and teacher, Masahisa Goi, who felt that one of the highest aspirations of humanity was to work towards ‘peace’ in our world. He was inspired to create the prayer/affirmation ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ and all the activities of the Society are focused on promoting peace consciousness throughout the world.

There is a centre in Japan, one in upstate New York and small offices in San Francisco and Germany. There are also a large number of volunteers in many countries of the world all working towards ‘peace’ through the activities of the Society. The Society is non-religious, non-political, and recognised as an NGO working to support the United Nations in its Mission for World Peace.

The World Peace Prayer Society offers the 'May Peace Prevail on Earth’ programme (face to face teacher training) and the‘Peace Prevails’ programme for primary schools (online teachers training). These will be expanded to include older age groups over the coming years.

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