European NGO network report warns of aid backsliding

CONCORD, the network of European NGOs, has just published its 2016 AidWatch report, and concludes that EU aid is backsliding.

The EU is missing its 0.7% overseas aid target by some 36.9 billion Euros, warned the network, which added that if Europe fails to reach its aid targets as planned, there is little chance of the Sustainable Development Goals being achieved.

Many countries, according to the report, were failing to use aid budgets for genuine overseas aid and were instead using funds to help to pay for, for example, hosting refugee populations.

The UK was one of the five countries that was found by CONCORD to have met its 2015 aid target.

However, CONCORD did warn that the new UK aid strategy launched at the end of last year to focus more on 'national interest' could affect aid.

“Increasing amounts of UK aid will be spent by government departments and cross-government funds other than the development ministry, the Department for International Development (generally considered a good performer on aid effectiveness), and this may undermine the quality of UK aid,” said CONCORD.

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