Leave No One Behind survey launches

Civil society groups are being asked to take part in a consultation as part of the Leave No One Behind programme, to ensure that marginalised and disadvantaged groups benefit as soon as possible from the Sustainable Development Goals.

In an effort to identify the communities and groups of people most in need of priority access to the resources and programs being mobilised by the United Nations´ SDGs, the Leave No One Behind Partnership is conducting an online consultation with groups that work with and on behalf of the most marginalised and disadvantaged people, especially those living in impoverished communities and who are at high risk of violence and discrimination.

Besides collecting information on the demographics of respondents, the survey is broken into three parts to determine:
• The groups and communities most excluded in localities across 30 countries
• Their level of access to resources and services provided by governments and aid programs
• Their level of involvement in government decision-making which allocates resources and services

Take part in the survey