Scottish Government seeks input on governance in education

The Scottish Government has launched a governance review and is seeking views on how education – from early years to secondary schools – is run to ensure that it delivers excellence and equity for all children and young people.

Some of the issues to be addressed in the review include:

  • who should take decisions in relation to the education of children and young people;
  • how funding can be made fairer; and
  • what support teachers and practitioners need to do their jobs well and how this can be improved.

According to the Government: “We want to hear from as many people as possible – from those with a formal role in Scottish education and those with a stake in its success.

“We have already driven forward a range of improvements and reforms across education – including reforms to our curriculum and our workforce. The one area that has not been reviewed since devolution is the governance of the system itself. This review is about that.

“We want to empower our teachers and early years workers to make the best decisions for children and young people. We believe that decisions about children’s learning and school life should be taken at school level, supported by parents and the local community.”

Find out more and respond to the review here. Deadline for responses is 6 January 2017.