Spotlight on Rainbow Turtle

One of our newest IDEAS members, and our most colourful, is Rainbow Turtle, based in Paisley, which is both a trading company, selling Fairtrade products, and a charity.

The charity offers schools support in their Fairtrade work – it helps schools and organisations to take part in the annual Fairtrade Fortnight; provides support and advice to schools who are working towards their Fairtrade Awards through its Education Officer; and it gives talks and workshops to schools, faith groups and other organisations.

It also works with various groups to lobby both local and national politicians with a view to achieving change in the system of world trade, and directly supports some producers in developing countries by giving financial assistance towards the purchase of raw materials and equipment, and by providing markets for the goods they produce.

β€œAt Rainbow Turtle, we are committed to using education as a means of raising awareness of fair trade and the issues surrounding it. Knowledge is power as they say and we believe the more informed we are about the world around us, the more positive an impact we can have.”

To find out more about Rainbow Turtle, you can visit the website.