Previous projects

Global Learning Programme (Scotland)


The DfID funded Global Learning Programme (Scotland) provided practical free Global Citizenship and Learning for Sustainability whole school and curriculum support to 6633 teachers across 1637 establishments throughout the country.

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Teach Global Ambassadors


The EU funded Teach Global Ambassadors project enabled IDEAS and our Lithuanian partners to work with over 25 Secondary schools in 9 local authorities across both countries. We supported teachers to develop their skills as educators for Global Citizenship, then worked closely with local authority representatives and project teachers to develop a strategy for the on-going support of Global Citizenship in their local area. This process continues to be supported by the local DEC and highlights the importance of partnership working and a very successful outcome for the project.

Global Learning Project


The overall aim of Global Learning Project Scotland was to facilitate improvements in teachers’ and student teachers’ classroom practice and children’s learning in relation to global citizenship, reaching at least 27% of all schools in Scotland This was to be achieved through improved sectoral cohesion (voluntary/statutory partnerships) to ensure long term sustainability of the project purpose.

The project developed tools to measure impact on pupils’ attitudes and perceptions of the global South and on improvements in teachers’ knowledge, skills and confidence to incorporate DE into their classroom practice from project interventions.

An important part of this project was the engagement of all 7 Scottish Universities which provide Initial Teacher Education/Training.

The project was managed and implemented by IDEAS and a partnership of statutory and voluntary agencies including the Consortium of DECs (main deliverers), Scottish Government, Education Scotland, Schools Inspectorate, General Teaching Council and Local Authorities.

The project achieved its aims overall and made a number of recommendations which informed the development and implementation of the subsequent Global Learning Programme across the UK.

Development Awareness Mini Grants

(01/04/09 – 31/03/12)

As part of DFID’s wider UK Development Awareness Programme, IDEAS were the Managing Agents for small grants received in Scotland for projects which raised awareness of the global poverty and Millennium Development Goals.  IDEAS’ role was to select the best projects to fulfil this aim, ensure projects met the required criteria, achieved their aims as far as possible through providing support and mentoring where necessary. Regular monitoring of progress and evaluation of results against budgets and reporting to DFID were also the responsibility of IDEAS. Projects were based in both the formal and informal education sectors.

Enabling Effective Support for the Global Dimension in Education


This programme, funded by DFID, was to support the entitlement of every child to education for global citizenship. This strategy was developed and implemented in Scotland over the between 2005 and 2010.