Bridge 47

IDEAS is the Scottish Partner of Bridge 47, a project co-created and implemented by 15 European and global civil society organisations.

Bridge 47

Bridge 47 focuses on advocating for Global Citizenship Education, building capacity and partnership for GCE practice, and innovating GCE methods at the national, European and global levels.

In Scotland, Bridge 47 is supporting IDEAS members to evidence the impact of global citizenship education and advocate for the extension of GCE throughout formal and informal education. Using best practice from our international partners, IDEAS is helping the Development Education Centres experiment with innovative practices for delivering GCE, including through training for GCE experts and sub-granting schemes for new projects in Scotland.

Bridge 47 is also supporting IDEAS to extend GCE beyond Scotland’s education sectors, finding a role for GCE methods and values in policy-making. This includes building partnership with Scottish Government, policy makers and civil society organisations in areas such as Social Inclusion and International Development to strengthen the role of Global Citizenship Education in supporting progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For more information please visit the Bridge 47 website, or get in touch with the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Bridge 47 in Scotland is co-financed by the Scottish Government and the General Teaching Council for Scotland.