Learning for a better future: a Global Citizenship approach

Looking for something new and inspiring for the new school year? Passionate about building a fairer, more sustainable future through education?

Learning for a better future: a Global Citizenship approach
This FREE year-long GTCS accredited course in Learning for Sustainability (Global Citizenship) is suitable for practitioners working in the Primary, Secondary or ASN sector who have completed two years with full registration.

“I signed up for this course to improve my K&U of an area I was asked to oversee in school. I have got so much more out of it than I thought I would! Enjoyable, informative, challenging, inspiring. I feel I have changed on a personal level as a global citizen too. Thank you!" 2017-18 participant.
"Thank you all so much for such a wonderful opportunity - this has facilitated a huge change in my practice and inspired and furthered a passion for GC, sustainability and action for change. This year has been an absolute treat and I have already recommended it to my colleagues and other teaching professionals - Taing mhor dhuibh uile." 2017-18 participant.

Course providers

This course is being offered by four of Scotland’s Global Learning centres; Highland One World, One World Centre Dundee, Scotdec (Edinburgh) and Wosdec (Glasgow). We have been providing Global Citizenship resources and training to Scottish schools for many years.


The programme is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and dispositions of practice within Global Citizenship, within the framework of Learning for Sustainability, as an approach to learning and support the development of ‘the enquiring practitioner’ through a process of thinking, planning, practice and pedagogy. As teachers develop as confident and skilled practitioners they will be in a position to lead Global Citizenship learning in their schools and beyond.


The course takes place over an academic year and is characterised by working collaboratively and sharing good practice with other teachers whilst being supported by a mentor from their local DEC. Participants will take part in face-to-face training days which provide space to take part in reflective, professional dialogue sessions with other participants. They will be required to plan, teach and reflect on a series of lessons with a Global Citizenship focus. A part of this process requires participants to design and implement activities which facilitate a process of measuring the impact of learning with the pupils, with a specific focus on values and attitudes.

At the heart of the programme is the structured Learning Journal with key entries at specific points during the course to guide reflection on the teaching and learning process, record key conversations with other practitioners and line managers and gather critical analysis of selected professional reading.

Assessment process

Assessment is both formative and summative. By the end of the course you will be expected to present a learning poster, elements from the Learning Journal and a check list.

Participant information

The course is free, and runs annually from September to June each academic year. You must be available to take part in the national training days (time and location announced in July each year). We can provide discounted accommodation if needed.

To apply please complete the application form and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.