IDEAS members work together to explore, share information on and access the range of funding available to support the provision and development of education for global citizenship and development education. We have initiated, coordinated and participated in many projects over the years. IDEAS funders include the Scottish and UK Governments and the European Union (EU).

Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

Discover the power of Learning for Sustainability.

Bridge 47

IDEAS is the Scottish Partner of Bridge 47, a project co-created and implemented by 15 European and global civil society organisations.

Youth Voices in a Sustainable Democracy

Young people are often absent from the rooms where decisions are made. The average age of MSPs is 49 - for MPs, it’s 50. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily make them bad representatives, it does mean that they are less likely to be personally affected by the issues facing young people.

Learning for a better future: a Global Citizenship approach

Looking for something new and inspiring for the new school year? Passionate about building a fairer, more sustainable future through education?

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