Professional Learning

IDEAS members develop and provide a wide ranging variety of Career-Long Professional Learning courses and workshops.

Professional Learning opportunities for educators vary in approach across the IDEAS membership. Where suitable, a three-stage model (training-delivery-reflection) is seen as best practice, providing a rigorous enquiry-based approach to Professional Learning with evaluation and assessment methods fully integrated. Some GTCS accredited members of IDEAS offer year-long courses which lead to Professional Recognition in Global Citizenship (Learning for Sustainability).

What is CLPL?

Career Long Professional Learning (CLPL) is an extended approach to what was previously known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) . The new term reflects changes to teacher education in Scotland prompted by the Donaldson review ‘Teaching Scotland’s Future’. These changes aim to support teachers taking increased responsibility for their own ongoing professional learning and development and engaging in more reflective and enquiry based  approaches.

“The most successful education systems invest in developing their teachers as reflective, accomplished and enquiring professionals who are able, not simply to teach successfully in relation to current external expectations, but who have the capacity to engage fully with the complexities of education and to be key actors in shaping and leading educational change.” (Teaching Scotland’s Future, Scottish Government, 2011, p4)

In line with these changes, the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS) introduced a new Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning describing the advanced professional knowledge and pedagogical expertise that registered teachers should develop and maintain as they progress through their careers. This Standard sits alongside new professional review and development (PRD) and professional update (PU) processes.

See also Education Scotland’s guidance.