IDEAS members work individually and collaboratively in Scottish schools supporting global citizenship, learning for sustainability and rights across the curriculum. They work across all sectors, from early years to secondary, mainstream and special, offering a range of services.

  • Professional Learning courses and workshops for teachers and other educators
  • Development, coordination and delivery of projects
  • Stride, an online magazine for teachers and educators featuring articles on global issues, practical classroom activities and useful resources, as well as news from schools and IDEAS members
  • Development, signposting, loan and sale of classroom resources

These activities cover a range of themes and approaches, including:

  • Fair trade and trade justice
  • Human rights
  • Sustainable development
  • Participative learning
  • Peace Education
  • Race equality
  • Media awareness
  • School partnerships

For all global citizenship development

  • Young Citizen Advocates 2017 events announced

    Upcoming events under the Young Citizen Advocates banner have been announced for 2017 - so mark these dates in your diary.

  • Spotlight on Bala Sport

    New IDEAS member Bala Sport is a Glasgow based co-operative set up with the aim of ensuring a fair deal for sports ball workers in developing countries.

Global Learning Programme training in your area here

  • Learning for Sustainability: Connecting Classrooms

    There is still time to book a place on the  Learning for Sustainability: Connecting Classrooms courses for teachers, developed with British Council and University of Edinburgh.

  • Safe Place Challenge

    Today, tens of millions of people across the globe are fleeing their homes because of war, conflict and disaster. In some places the fighting is so bad, and the situation so dangerous, that people decide they have no choice but to try to take risky journeys to places of safety. The journeys facing refugees are often incredibly tough – and the choices they have to make along the way might be even tougher.

Find out more and
get involved

  • Global Learning Programme Scotland Global Learning Programme Scotland

    Global Learning Programme Scotland offers practical fully- funded support to clusters, schools and teachers to develop global citizenship across the curriculum and through whole school activities. The Programme is aimed at all sectors - primary, secondary (including transition) and additional support needs.

  • Learning for a better future: a Global Citizenship approach Learning for a better future: a Global Citizenship approach

    Looking for something new and inspiring for the new school year? Passionate about building a fairer, more sustainable future through education? Register for this new GTCS accredited course in Learning for Sustainability (Global Citizenship) and join teachers from across Scotland, on what we hope will be an inspiring learning journey.